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euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting November 2018, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland
Organised in collaboration with the WUT Main Library and Institute of Computer Science

Warsaw Strategic Membership Meeting, November 2018

The theme for this meeting is: Research Information Management: from an Institutional to a National-Level Implementation

The recent OCLC/euroCRIS RIM survey has shown how institutional implementations of research information management strategies tend to be much more dynamic and widespread than national- or regional-level ones. This is however not a case of either/or: national-level RIM infrastructure does frequently coexist and interoperate with institutional-level one. Using the Polish case study as a starting point, where a national CRIS is currently being built that will need to interoperate with a pre-existing range of institutional systems, this event will look into various approaches to the national vs institutional configuration in Europe and beyond.

A preliminary programme is already available at the event website.


Registration for the event is mandatory, but free of charge for euroCRIS members and attendees affiliated with Polish institutions. Non-members may also attend the meeting for a fee of 60 euro. With this fee they will automatically get a personal membership until January 1, 2020.

There is more information on the date, time and venue for the meeting dinner at the event website. The cost of the meeting dinner is 40 Euro. The dinner can be booked in combination with the registration. 

Registration will close on November 10th, 2018.




EUNIS and euroCRIS joint International Survey on CRIS and IR. Click on the image to read  (PDF)



Interview with euroCRIS President Ed Simons on the nature of CRIS's,  euroCRIS and CERIF, and their meaning for International Research Information Community and Infrastructure building.



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