One of euroCRIS's goals is to create and offer services to the international research information community. These services are meant more specifically to share expertise and knowledge about research information systems and to support and inspire the RIS community in the creation and/or use of CRISs. At the moment euroCRIS offers the following two main services.

CERIF: the Common European Research Information Format: which is both:

  • An extensive datamodel, covering all aspects of research information, which can be used as a reference model for the creation of new as well as the extension of existing research information systems.
  • A research information exchange format (CERIF-XML) which is an international standard for the exchange of information between CRISs or between CRISs and other information systems, e.g. OA Repositories, Research Data systems and others, both on a local, national or international level.

DRIS: international Directory of Research Information Systems

Analoguous to the DOAR for OA Repositories, the DRIS provides an international online catalogue/overview of existing research information systems. Part of the service is an online (DRIS-)form by means of which members of the RIS community can submit their research information system(s) for inclusion in the DRIS.

Apart from the services mentioned abovr the participation of euroCRIS in Projects (mostly EU-funded) is also included under "Services" here as it also can be seen as a contribution (service) by euroCRIS to the RIS community, more specifically by making available and sharing the knowledge and expertise present in the eruoCRIS organisation.