Current Research Information Systems
The International Organisation for Research Information

Task Groups

 euroCRIS has five Task Groups:

  • CERIF and CRIS Architectures: dealing with the maintenance and further development of the CERIF data model
  • Standards: the TG's main focus is the exchange of knowledge and expertise on standards; it will work as an "information broker". It will not develop standards definitions itself.
  • Best Practice/DRIS: making an inventory of the number of implemented CRIS on an international scale, as well as examples of best practice concerning the implementation of CRIS. 
  • CRIS-IR: deals with all aspects having to do with the relation between CRIS and repositories.
  • Indicators/Impact: the work of this TG is concentrated on the inventory of existing indicators for quality and impact of research, as well as the definition of new indicators and their implementation in CERIF and CRIS.


The task groups take into account the development of optimal policies, the definition of use cases as well as technical solutions concerning the aspects mentioned and they consist of experts from within the membership of euroCRIS.  The Task Groups are the heart of the organisation where most of the work is done.

The number of task groups is not fixed, but may change in accordance with developments taking place within the research information domain.  For more information on each Task Group, see the specific Task Group page.

Every member of euroCRIS can join any Task Group. Please send an e-mail to the TG Leader if you want to join.