Second EOSC Stakeholders Forum in Vienna

Tue, 06/11/2018 - 17:50 -- euroCRIS Secret...
The EOSCpilot project’s second and final EOSC Stakeholders Forum will be held Nov 21-22 in Vienna.
The event, meant for all players in the EOSC ecosystem who want to be part of the formation of the EOSC Working Groups, will be held on 21-22 Nov 2018 at the Austria Center Vienna. The draft event agenda features the main EOSC threads (Governance, Archirecture, Interoperability, Policies, FAIR Data Principles) plus the 15 Science Demonstrators in different disciplines that have been put together as part of the EOSCpilot project. Some of these topics will also be addressed at the euroCRIS Strategic Membership Meeting due the following week in Warsaw, where a summary of the discussions in Vienna will be provided by attendees to both events. Registration is open until Sun Nov 18th.