Two Peas in a Pod (CASRAI and CERIF)


CASRAI – the Consortia Advancing Standards in Research Administration Information is a non-profit standards development organisation representing an international commmunity of leading research funders and institutions. These collaborate to ensure seamless interoperability of research information. CASRAI develops a dictionary for relevant community profiles, such as: Research Activity Profile; Reseach Personnel Profile, Academic Funding CV, Non-academic Funding CV, Student CV, Abridged CV.

Here we present some notes from the recent CASRAI UK Summit convened by CASRAI and JISC in London, where priority areas for a CASRAI UK ‘chapter’ were identified:

  • Ethics Review
  • Data Management Plans
  • Authoritative Lists
  • Open Access Reporting
  • Research Contributions (Outputs, Outcomes, Impacts)


At the summit, the first results of an ongoing collaborative work - CASRAI Profiles in CERIF – undertaken by Thorsten Höllrigl (AVEDAS), Brigitte Jörg (JISC ISC, UKOLN; euroCRIS) and David Baker (CASRAI; euroCRIS) were presented. Following a default business setup, the first steps of a CASRAI to CERIF mapping are done – directed by and guided through the CASRAI Profiles as available from the online Dictionary.

Transforming a CASRAI profile into CERIF requires at first the selection of CERIF entities (1), these indicate the context that a CASRAI profile covers (2).


(1) Selected CERIF entities for the CASRAI Activity Profile

As to CERIF, any dictionary or vocabulary terms are maintained in the so-called CERIF Semantic Layer; it encourages the use of multiple vocabularies.


(2) CASRAI Activity profile in CERIF

The CASRAI/CERIF mappings are being continued and you will find more here, soon.

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