Current Research Information Systems
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Aim of the Indicators TG is to develop an active programme of research and generation of best practice (linked with TG Best Practice / DRIS) in the use of indicators (scientometrics, bibliometrics) for evaluating research. The TG will develop a catalogue of known methods with appropriate analysis of their effectiveness and efficiency. The expected output is CERIF-compliant software services (jointly with the CERIF and Architecture TG) to perform evaluation of research including for commonly used national or international methods.


recent activities
    • Start up of an inventory of relevant indicators
    • Participation on the CERIF-ying of the first version of the Snowball Metrics.
planned activities
    • Continue to build up an inventory of relevant indicators
    • Look at new recipes added to second edition of Snowball Metrics recipe book and consider how/whether these can be expressed in CERIF
    • Work in partnership with CASRAI group currently aiming to express Snowball Metrics in CASRAI format
    • Consider the current work in the US on STAR METRICS (likely again in partnership with CASRAI), and where these sit alongside Snowball Metrics
    • Examine the use of indicators in national research assessments
    • Evaluate the current commercial tools available for calculation of metrics
    • Determine on which areas the Task Group should next focus, e.g. Altmetrics, Impact