Current Research Information Systems
The International Organisation for Research Information


CERIF 1.4 is a release of the CERIF 1.3 FDM module plus the CERIF 1.4 XML module only; it does not include the rest of CERIF intellectual property which is held by euroCRIS. The CERIF 1.4 release allows for a new structure for the CERIF XML files and is based on the 1.3 FDM, to be validated by a new CERIF 1.4 XML Schema file. This CERIF 1.4 XML Schema file based on the CERIF 1.3 FDM is published under this license. 

The conditions of this license can be waived for extensions to both the published CERIF 1.4 XML Schema file and the FDM in CERIF consistent style as defined by the euroCRIS CERIF Task Group while maintaining attribution to the licensor, euroCRIS. Any extension should be proposed to and validated by the CERIF Task Group if You wish to claim CERIF compatibility.   

euroCRIS will leave earlier licensed versions available on the website but does not commit to support any but the latest released version and may remove earlier versions without notice.


Creative Commons License
CERIF 1.4 is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License



Last modified: February 29th, 2012