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The next (Strategic) Membership Meeting of euroCRIS will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on 11-12 November forthcoming. 

This Strategic Members Meeting is a new type of event that combines our usual Autumn Members Meeting with the Strategic Seminar of euroCRIS that previously yearly took place in September. And as such it replaces this Seminar. The reasons for the euroCRIS Board to decide upon this new concept are the following:

  • To inform and involve the membership of euroCRIS more optimally about/in the strategic  policy of the organisation
  • To promote the mutual acquaintance of the members and the strategic partners
  • To more optimally gear strategic views and strategies to their (possible) implementation
  • To promote synergy between developments and requirements at the members' side on the one hand and the strategic partners on the other
  • To promote the coming into being of concrete, operational projects targeted to the realisation of mutual interests and goals

To put it into one sentence: a more use case based orientation of the strategic discussions with more involvement of the membership.

Characteristics (the "model") of the new type of event are:

  • The meeting has a central theme, of strategic interest in the Research Information Ecosystem and the role of CRIS and/or CERIF therein.
  • The presentations during the event are a mix of contributions/views by the strategic partners (SP's) and the members.
  • Contributions may regard general, theoretical, aspects concerning the theme, but the main focus should be on practical use cases and requirements.
  • Emphasis lies on discussion and interaction, so the contributions should be triggering this.
  • The goal of the event is not only the exchange of information and ideas but also, as much as possible, the conclusion of agreements on concrete activities and cooperation between euroCRIS and its strategic partners.
  • Enough space should be available for relevant presentations by the stakeholders from the organising country.

The theme for the meeting next November in Amsterdam is "Interoperability in Research Information": no doubt a very topical subject, for both SP's and the broader Membership of euroCRIS and of interest for many aspects of the research information ecosystem, such as:

  • Benchmarking, evaluation, assessment of research.
  • Grant application, workflow and monitoring
  • Profiling of researchers and institutes
  • Research data management and archiving
  • (the creation of) Research information infrastructures (incl. CRIS, publication repositories., data repositories, etc..) on various levels:
    • Local /institutional
    • National
    • International (EU, World)

More concrete information about the programme and the logistics of the meeting will be communicated after the Summer holiday period, but basically the programme will be organised along the lines of the subjects just mentioned. The idea is, for each subject, to have views from both member institutions/countries and the relevant strategic partners concerning the subject in question. 

"Advance Interoperability in the Research Community through CERIF"

on CRIS and OAR

(joint declaration by the CRIS
and Repository Communities)

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