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The CERIF 1.3 release is final. CERIF 1.3 includes as a major upgrade, improved Research Infrastructure entities, such as Facility, Equipment and Service, and within this context a geographic bounding box. Furthermore, it now incorporates Indicator and Measurement entities for aggregation and advanced analytics, and a new entiy Medium has been added. There has been substantial extension with the CERIF Semantics, that is, its vocabulary in terms and formality.  The next CERIF taskgroup-related activities are taking place in Bath, UK, and are scheduled for February 9th + 10th, 2012 towards the next release.
The CERIF 1.3 version omits the year in its name.
The full release has the following components:


Compared to its preceding version (CERIF 2008-1.2), CERIF 1.3 incorporates the following changes:

  • Change Report: CERIF 2008 1.2 -> CERIF 1.3
    automatically created through Toad by comparison to CERIF 2008 1.2 based on SQL scripts
  • New Entities: cfClassificationSchemeDescription; cfClassificationSchemeName; cfClassificationExample; cfClassificationDefinition

    cfMedium; cfMediumTitle; cfMediumDescription; cfMediumKeywords; cfMedium_Medium; cfMedium_Classification; cfResultPublication_Medium; cfResultProduct_Medium; cfFacility_Medium; cfService_Medium; cfProject_Medium; cfPerson_Medium; cfOrganisationUnit_Medium; cfEvent_Medium; cfFunding_Medium; cfCitation_Medium;

    cfEquipment_Equipment; cfService_Service; cfFacility_Facility; cfFacility_Equipment; cfFacility_Service; cfEquipment_Service; cfFacility_Event; cfEquipment_Event; cfResultPublication_Service; cfResultPatent_Facility; cfResultPatent_Service; cfResultPatent_Equipment; cfResultProduct_Facility; cfResultProduct_Service; cfResultProduct_Equipment;

    cfGeographicBoundingBox; cfGeographicBoundingBox_GeographicBoundingBox; cfGeographicBoundingBoxName; cfGeographicBoundingBoxDescription; cfGeographicBoundingBoxKeywords; cfGeographicBoundingBox_Classification; cfPostAddress_GeographicBoundingBox; cfEquipment_PostAddress; cfFacility_PostAddress; cfService_PostAddress;

    cfMeasurement; cfIndicator; cfIndicator_Measurement; cfMeasurement_Classification; cfIndicator_Classification; cfIndicatorName; cfIndicatorDescription; cfIndicatorKeywords; cfMeasurementName; cfMeasurementDescription; cfMeasurementKeywords; cfPerson_Measurement; cfOrganisationUnit_Measurement; cfProject_Measurement; cfResultPublication_Measurement; cfResultPatent_Measurement; cfResultProduct_Measurement; cfFacility_Measurement; cfService_Measurement; cfEquipment_Measurement; cfPerson_Indicator; cfOrganisationUnit_Indicator; cfProject_Indicator; cfResultPublication_Indicator; cfResultPatent_Indicator; cfResultProduct_Indicator; cfFacility_Indicator; cfService_Indicator; cfEquipment_Indicator; cfEvent_Measurement; cfEvent_Indicator; cfMedium_Indicator; cfMedium_Measurement; cfIndicator_Indicator; cfMeasurement_Measurement;
  • New Attributes: cfRoleExpression; cfRoleExpressionOpposite with cfClassificationTerm entity
    cfMediumIdentifier; cfMediumCreationDate; cfSize; cfMimeType; cfUniformResourceIdentifier with cfMedium entity
    cfAcronym with cfEquipment; cfFacility; cfService; cfFunding entities
    cfDescriptionSource; cfTermSource; cfDefinitionSource; cfNameSource; cfExampleSource with Classification entities
    cfStartDate/cfEndDate with cfResultPublication_Metrics entity
    cfTranslation in cfLanguageName entity
  • Removed Attributes: cfEquipmentOwnerIdentifier; cfOriginalEquipmentManufacturerIdentifier with cfEquipment entity
    cfResultProductInternalIdentifier with cfResultProduct entity;
  • Renamed Attributes: cfName in entity cfCurrencyEntityName to cfEntityName
  • Pending Entities: cfResPublVersInf; cfResPatVersInf; cfResProdVersInf
    cfMiddleNames with cfPersonName entity


Last Modified: February 7th, 2012
by CERIF TG Leader 
Brigitte Joerg



"Advance Interoperability in the Research Community through CERIF"

on CRIS and OAR

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